If you're looking for an outside the box job and feel as though you're able to intuitively read people, becoming a psychic may be right in your wheelhouse. Now, many people view the intuitive arts [psychics practice the intuitive arts] as a hoax. On a basic level, however, the intuitive arts the real deal.  For example, do you ever get a funny feeling around a person or feel as though you connect with a person? This is called intuition.

I think every one can agree that there's such a thing as intuition. We all abide by our intuition in most situations—often unconsciously. To be a professional psychic, however, your intuitive abilities need to transcend normal intuition. This is where many people stop believing that psychics are for real. A psychic has to be able to see visions (mental projections in their heads). Often times these visions will be projections of what a person's true essence. There are layers to every person; most of these layers are hidden. A psychic can peel back those layers methodically. 

One way in which psychics can see what's hidden inside other people is by communicating with energies in different dimensions. Every person gives off a vibe or a particular "energy." This energy is a unique personal energy upon which a psychic can extrapolate to form some type of construct of that person.

Psychics are also notorious for communicating with the spirits of those who have passed. This type of communication normally occurs during what's called a 'seance.' The driving notion behind post mortem communication as well as all other inter-dimension communication is that every person has a third eye that allows them to see 'the beyond.' Psychics are simply the ones whose third eye is open.   

Being a psychic can be a lucrative profession. The median salary for psychics in the United Sates is $61,000. The hard part is convincing people that you're the real deal. But if people actually seek you out for guidance, you can charge them upwards of $1,000 per session since the insight you'll be providing them is invaluable. You'll put them in touch with inaccessible areas of their life and also loved ones that have passed. 


There are no official qualifications to be a psychic. You don’t even need a high school degree. Many psychics have some type of training in spirituality or religion, but that's not a requirement. There are also intuitive arts schools that offer certificates in things such as palmistry and tarot card reading, but most psychics don't have these certificates. is one such intuitive arts school that offers both online and in person study tracks.

Simply put, to be a psychic, you have to exude belief and confidence in what you do. If people pay you and continue to pay you for services, they have to feel as though they're getting what they pay for. Perhaps it's just one giant hustle. As Shakespeare wrote, 'All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.' ['players' means 'actors' in this context]

Three Key Abilities

There are three key abilities that psychics use to communicate directly with "the other side" or spirits in a different dimension: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. Some psychics use all three of these tactics; some only one.

Clairvoyance is seeing visions or physical manifestations of spirits often times in unfamiliar locations.

Clairaudience is hearing message from spirits that are very far away or in another dimension altogether.

Clairsentience is gaining psychic insight though a burst of knowledge bestowed upon the psychic by some spirit or divine force.

Three Facilitators

Many psychics use a facilitator or some type of physical channel/prop that helps them communicate with spirits. The three most common facilitators are palmistry (the art of reading palms), crystal balls and tarot cards. Some people also use Ouija boards. If you conduct private sessions with clients, it will help your brand to be well versed in one of these facilitators. Tarot cards are probably the richest and most diverse facilitator. The meaning of each card is quite layered and can be applied uniquely to any type of situation.

Good introduction to tarot card reading


Psychics can make a lot of money by holding séances. A séance is a sitting in which a psychic serves as a medium through which deceased spirits communicate with the living. Some mediums go into a full trance while performing the séance; some stay lucidly conscious although altered states of consciousness are the norm.

The best way to learn how to perform a séance is by reading books on the topic and watching videos/movies about séances. One of the most famous books on séances is 'Communication with The Other Side' by George First Baron Lyttleton. This book was published in England in 1760 and really gets into the nuts and bolts of what a séance is and how it's done correctly.

It also greatly helps if you shadow an established psychic who is able to serve as medium. Finding a mentor will be very beneficial to your psychic career.

Job Opportunities

The best way to break into the industry is by working for an established psychic practice. This way you'll gain experience while building a client base as well as hone your craft. Like any other profession, the best psychics have been doing what they do for years.

The hard part is finding clients. Start in your local community. Once you've established a brand for yourself, people will start to seek you out. Once you're very confident in your abilities, you can start your own psychic practice or find creative ways to market yourself such as making videos that depict tarot card readings and post these videos all over the internet. Miss Cleo is a notorious example of a psychic who scaled her psychic business into a multimillion dollar enterprise through TV infomercials. Another way you can make money is by training other psychics. You can help them unleash their third eye, for example, and charge them for your guidance. You could also teach them to read tarot cards or to perform a séance in return for money.

Salary and Lifestyle

Psychics make on average $61,000 per year. They have very flexible work schedules, at most 9 to 5. If you really get out there and hustle, however, you can be working more unorthodox hours. If you make house calls, for example, you'll have to cater to the schedules of your clients which could be all over the place.

One thing to bare in mind: communicating with spirits in other dimensions can sometimes be unpleasant. Sometimes they say hurtful things or provide you with insight that you'd rather not have. Also sometimes they're angry, but usually not. Most of the time they're peaceful spirits. It's just important to keep in mind that there is a dark side to unleashing your third eye. 

From a practical standpoint, you'll often have to deal with people who are unhappy with the service you provide. Sometimes a spirit will tell you something. You relate what that spirit said to the client, but the client gets upset and blames you, the messenger. It's your job, however, to provide the client with the truth, not necessarily what the client wants to hear.


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