Porn Star

Porn Star

Simply put, a porn star gets paid to have sex on camera.  Sure, a stigma exists for “porn stars.” Many people view their profession as unethical, wrong or downright dirty. But as the society we live in becomes more progressive, more and more porn stars are going mainstream. To name a few: Jenny McCarthy, the famed Playboy model, has parlayed her adult modeling into a legitimate acting career. Sasha Grey starred in Entourage as Vince’s girlfriend. James Deen co-starred with Lindsey Lohan in the major motion picture The Canyons

Social media has helped porn stars become more accepted in society. Social media provides porn stars with a direct line of communication to the general public so that we can get a glimpse of what porn stars are like outside of the bedroom. Social media allows porn stars to show a different side of themselves; it allows them to be [somewhat] normal people.   

Interesting interview with Sasha Grey


Here’s what’s great about the porn industry—there’s a market for every possible body type and too many niches to count. In other words, whether you think you’re skinny, fat, beautiful, flat chested, well endowed, not well endowed, you can be a porn star. More important than looks is your presence on set. You have to be confident and professional. Remember, this is a JOB. The industry requirements are much harder for men since the industry revolves around female talent. Men have to be able to pop erections on demand while the entire film crew stares at them. Once a man has an erection, he has to maintain that erection for hours. Often porn scenes are shot in segments which means that men have to go soft then get hard again once the cameras start rolling. Also, many pornos are filmed in weird locations. Rarely these days is a porn scene filmed on a bed. Women just need to spread their legs and receive whereas men need to be able to control their erections to a degree that’s unnatural.

Most male actors in the industry are well endowed with an average penis length of eight inches. There’s a niche for men with small penises, but you need to have a really small penis to fit into this niche. Also, men who ejaculate 4 to 5 tablespoons of sperm during orgasm are given preference due to the popularity of the “money shot.”

One very serious qualification for being a porn star is that you get regularly tested for STD’s. People in the industry get tested once every two weeks. Often you’ll need to bring your test results to a shoot. Some states such as California require by law that all male actors wear a condom while engaging in vaginal or anal intercourse, but still, get tested to be safe.

How To Become a Porn Star

The adult entertainment industry is quite lucrative and therefore hard to break into, in particular for women who are paid more than men in the adult entertainment world. 

To become a porn star, you'll need to employ aggressive self-marketing techniques. Start by taking pictures of yourself both clothed (scantily clad) and naked. Include a headshot as well and for men, you need be fully erect in one of these pictures. These pictures should accentuate certain qualities about your appearance. To be a successful porn star, you'll need to create a brand for yourself. If you want your brand to be centered around your large butt, for example, make sure the pictures really accentuate the "junk in your trunk."

Once you have good pictures of yourself, find adult modeling forums online (type in “adult modeling forums” on Google) and post your pictures along with your email address onto these forums. To protect your privacy as much as possible, don’t use your real name on these forums (use your "industry name") and provide an email address that you’ve created specifically for this purpose. Wait for producers to contact you, but be careful about being scammed. If a producer invites you to a set, always bring somebody you trust along to the shoot. Some “producers” might tell you that the shoot is a "closed set" so you have to show up alone. If a producer says this, you are likely being scammed.  If you wait to be contacted once you’ve put yourself out there, the chances are lower that you'll get scammed. You still have to careful, however.

You'll also want to submit your sample photos to porn studios through their website. Many porn studios have a ‘contact’ tab on their website which is there in part to recruit talent.

The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles is the porn capital of the world. If you’re truly serious about breaking into the adult industry, it would help to move to L.A. so that you can market yourself in person. You could bring your sample pictures to porn studios in person and track down important figures in the industry and hand them sample photos in person.

In this day and age, the most effective way to launch a career in the adult entertainment industry is to make your own videos and post them online at or which gives you a 50% commission every time somebody purchases one of your videos. There’s no better way to showcase your brand than through making your own video. If your video gets lots of views, you'll build a following at which point you can start your own membership site and be your own boss while making lots of money. A great example of this business model is Heather Brooke of She launched a porn career by making videos with her boyfriend, videos that went viral.

Keep in mind, however, that once one of your videos is online, there’s no turning back. You have to assume that every single person you know will eventually see it. Even if the video is "removed" from the internet, somebody will have copied it and posted it elsewhere. Only post a video online if you're 100% dedicated to the porn industry or if you just don’t care at all whether or not there’s a porn video of you circulating on the internet. It might be hard to find a job at a daycare, for example, if there’s a video of you having sex on pornhub.

One last thing—if you’re hired for a professional shoot, you have to assume that everybody in the world will have access to the video. Some producers will tell you that the shoot is for a membership only site, but even then, members will download the video and post it all over the Internet. Once you film a video and it ends up on the Internet, there's no turning back.


Pornography is a lucrative industry which is why it's so competitive and hard to break into. When you’re first starting out, you could very well be living paycheck to paycheck or shoot to shoot unless you have a part time job on the side.

Women get paid more than men. For a traditional sex scene, a woman completely new to the industry will probably get paid about $500. Woman who are somewhat established can expect to make $800 to $1,000 per scene. If you’re really well known in the industry, you get paid up to $2,000 per scene and there are more opportunities outside of the industry to make money such as sponsorships, other acting gigs, etc.

Men can expect to make $500 per scene. Male superstars, about one percent of all male adult actors, can earn up to $1,500 per scene.

Actors who perform gay scenes get paid more since they’re harder to come by. Many prominent actors such as Peter North started in the industry by filming gay scenes. 

Bottom Line

The actors who succeed in the porn industry are the ones who are extremely sexual by nature. Sure, everybody loves sex. But having sex with strangers day after day at specified intervals (i.e. at 2:15 on the dot, you’ll be having sex) takes away from the romantic aspect of it. The sex act can become monotonous for porn stars, and many of your relationships will suffer. Your romantic relationships may become strained due to jealousy and other factors. Certain people will stop being friends with you and every single person will judge you. You have to be very comfortable with your self and genuinely love being treated like a sexual object, albeit a very well paid sexual object. 



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