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Online Writer

Gone are the days when computers were hard to use and the Internet was nothing more than a slowly loading beach ball. No, computers are now the modern office. Making money online has gained great prominence, and one of the most accessible ways to make money online is through online writing. One of the biggest misconceptions about online writing is that it’s a get-rich fast process. It’s tedious work that requires discipline, but with some focus and determination, you can be making $20 per article pretty quickly.  


There are no stringent requirements for online writing jobs. You don’t need a specific degree as long as you can express yourself well in the language that you’re writing in. Most online writing is contracted on a freelance basis. Anybody can sign up to write article for clients through websites such as, but these sites have screening test for potential writers., for example, requires all perspective writers to answer 20 questions that test basic language skills before you’re able to write your first article. Other online content marketplaces such as have several tests for you to complete. Upwork’s tests are a little more rigorous that They gauge your proficiency as well as your skill in writing on different topics. is another good site on which you can set your own rate.  

How To Start Your Career

Once you’ve signed up for some of the larger online writing services—, and—and once you’ve passed all of their screening tests, you go straight into writing. It's always advisable to write on topics that you are knowledgeable about for your first few articles while you're building up your reputation. You're first few articles are like a probationary period on which you'll be closely scrutinized. 

Remember, you never get a second chance at a first impression. All your first drafts must be error free, especially when you're starting out. Good grammar, correct punctuation, no typos, etc. Additionally, people re-hire specific writers whom they like and who they feel have a mastery of certain topics. The greatest mistake you can make as a beginning online writer is to rush. Do research and take your time writing a quality product. 

Secondly, do not plagiarize or spin content. You will be banned before you make your first dollar! To ‘spin’ content is changing some words around to recycle articles. For example, if two separate people hire you to write an article about dogs, you could write one article, submit it, then re-arrange some words, and submit it to the other person as "a different article." There are software services online that’ll re-arrange the structure of your articles for you. Do not do this. These services will turn your articles into robotic gibberish.

Opportunities Available

There are many opportunities for online writers. Globalization is here to stay and almost everything from dating to staff recruitment is taking an online trend. The travel industry, healthcare and education sectors are some of the big employers of online writers these days. Nursing homes and elderly support centers also hire online writers in large numbers. Many job seekers are also hiring online writers to edit their CVs and cover letters. SEO writing is a budding and lucrative industry. The opportunities for online writers are limitless because every website needs quality content and every company is going online. 

SEO Writing

SEO writing can be extremely lucrative. 'SEO' stands for search engine optimization. Good SEO writers help website owners make money by providing quality content to post on their websites. For example, if I start a website about kitty litter, and I want to generate as much traffic to the website as possible, I’ll target the keywords ‘kitty litter’ by hiring SEO writers to write articles about anything and everything related to kitty litter. Maybe I’d hire SEO writers to write product reviews for every type of kitty litter on the market. Experienced SEO writers can make a lot of money because they help website owners maximize their profits. 

A really good book about SEO writing is ‘Turn Your Computer Into A Money Machine’ by Avery Breyer. In this book, Breyer explains what SEO writing is and how she turned a part time job as an SEO writer into a full time job that rakes in six figures yearly. 

In her book, Avery Breyer talks about charging upwards of $100 per article, but here’s the thing—she’s gotten to the point where her reputation is so strong that she outsources all of her articles. She pays the writers $40 per article and pockets $60 for doing nothing more than editing. Not a bad gig, but you need a strong reputation and a steady flow of clients to pull that off. You also need a very strong network of writers to outsource your work to, writers who aren’t resentful of the fact that you’re making money off of an article that they’re writing. The reason Avery Breyer gets away with doing this is that she supplies the writers who work for her with a steady stream of clients, clients that those writers would have a tough time finding on their own. 

Avery Breyer has a great youtube channel. Here's her discussing the X's and O's of a good SEO article. 

Salary and Lifestyle

As discussed above, once you’re established in the online writing industry, especially SEO writing, you can make a lot of money. When just staring out, however, online writers make varying amounts of money, depending on experience and the nature of the writing task. For instance, an academic writing project demands a higher wage than an SEO article about mops because academic articles require more research and time to write. Also, the pay out for an article largely depends on the requested word count. An eBook writer definitely earns more than a 500-word article writer.

On most freelance writing sites such as, writers are categorized into levels. Every article you submit, you receive a grade from the client and as your evaluations get better, you’re promoted to the next level at which you make more money per article. On iWriter, the minimum amount of money that the entry-level writer can make is $1.02 for 150-words. For 700 words, an entry level writer will get paid around $7. This upward process continues until you reach the highest level, at which you earn at least $40 per 700 words. Again, Avery Breyer is charging $100 per article. The best make as much as $250 for one article. 

Pros and Cons

+As long as you meet your deadlines, online writing is a very flexible job that allows you to work on your own time and at your own pace. You don’t have to commute every morning unless you want to and make enough money to rent out a room or a small office. I also know several writers who work at libraries or coffee shops, but most online writers just work from home.

+You can work from anywhere as long as you have fast, reliable Internet connection. You need fast Internet because you’ll need to do some research for your articles. Don't cheap out on internet service!

+You can also work as an online writer part-time to earn some extra income on the side. This flexibility in terms of commitment makes it easier to break into the industry when you’re first starting out.

-This isn't necessarily a con, but you have to be very self-disciplined. You have to know when to shift from ‘chill mode’ to work mode, especially if you work from home. You have to make your own schedule, but more importantly you have to follow it.

-Sometimes the jobs available to you will be either too complex or too low-paying.

-On websites like iWriter, if an article requester doesn’t like the finished product you provide, then that article requester doesn’t have to pay you. Make sure you research, edit, re-read and re-write. 

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