Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

One of the central aspects of any business is building a brand. For this reason, many companies are hiring ‘brand ambassadors’ to assist with marketing, especially grassroots efforts. In New York City, for example, has brand ambassadors that stand out on street corners and try to get people to sign up for an email list. Companies often employ brand ambassadors on college campuses. Southern Tide, for example, has its brand ambassadors distribute free merchandise at fraternity parties and social events.

A brand ambassador position is a good starting job in the marketing industry. If you’re a good salesman and a socialite, a brand ambassador position could be an easy way for you to earn some extra cash.

What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

A brand ambassador solicits and promotes business by interacting directly with customers. Take Uber. Uber has a brand ambassador program that centers around brand ambassadors distributing promo codes to customers. The thought process is that these promo codes will rope in new customers. Uber tracks the performance of its brand ambassadors by keeping tally of how many times each promo code is used. For example, if I’m a brand ambassador for Uber, I’ll have a unique promo code that gets you your first Uber ride free. Each time somebody uses my promo code, I get a $10 commission, which isn't much but if you distribute your promo code in bulk those tens add up.

Some brand ambassador programs center around distributing free merchandise and earning referral purchases that way. Regardless of the specifics, being a brand ambassador is one giant hustle. You’re trying to get people to purchase a product or use a service so that you can benefit. Ideally the product that you're pushing is a good product that will genuinely help the consumer live a better, more efficient life.     

How To Get a Brand Ambassador Job

There’s no exact science as to how to get a brand ambassador job. If you like a company, do some research and see if they have a brand ambassador program. Maybe contact that company’s marketing department and offer to pedal that company’s products or service. If you’re pitching to a company, you’ll have to explain to them some opportunity you see that the company isn’t currently capitalizing on. For example, in the Summer, many joggers run around the Central Park. I could contact a lesser known water company, and offer to set up a hydration station for joggers at the Central Park Reservoir if that water company sponsors me with free water. You can also check job listings on websites such as for brand ambassador positions. Or just type ‘brand ambassador’ into Google.

Some companies have very large and well established brand ambassador programs. One of these companies is Uber. Anybody can apply to be an Uber brand ambassador; you don’t even need a college degree. As mentioned above, if you’re a brand ambassador for Uber, you’ll be given a unique promo code and every time somebody signs up for Uber with your promo code, they’ll get $20 off their first ride and you’ll get $10 deposited into your bank account.

Food and beverage companies, especially smaller ones trying to establish a name for themselves, often have brand ambassador programs. Brand ambassadors for food and beverage companies normally do in store demos at the supermarket or upscale markets like Whole Foods and are paid by the hour.

Also, keep in mind that many brand ambassador positions are seasonal jobs. A water company, for example, may hire brand ambassadors to distribute free water samples on hot Summer days, but not when it's freezing out. 


Brand ambassadors either get paid on commissions or by the hour or both. That said, all brand ambassador jobs are part time. If you do a good job as a brand ambassador, it’s possible that you’ll be offered a full time marketing job.

Since I'm familiar with Uber's brand ambassador program, let’s look at Uber’s brand ambassador program as the standard for how much brand ambassadors get paid. You get paid $10 bucks every time somebody uses your promo code. Okay, so the pressure is on you to go out there and hustle! If you put in a few hours here and there or you’re naturally a good marketer, you can pretty easily sign up ten people per week which translates to $100 dollars per week or $400 per month.

In addition to commission payments, Uber often sets up booths at large events or fairs such as comic-con or EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival). At these events, they’ll pay brand ambassadors $20 per hour to run the booths and distribute promo codes. These events are a great way to make some money. Take EDC. EDC is an electronic dance music festival sometimes held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Most of the people attending EDC live in New York City or suburban Jersey. Every person who attends EDC has to drive there. And many people drink heavily at EDC so when they’re drunk and can’t drive home, that’s you when you swoop in and work some brand ambassador magic. At these types of events, you can easily make $40 per hour on promo codes alone in addition to the $20 per hour base rate.  

All that said, brand ambassador positions are a great way to take home a few hundred bucks a month with not too much effort, especially if you’re a social person. Giving out free samples or handing out promo codes is easy and natural if you go out a lot and know a lot of people. But brand ambassador positions aren’t full time jobs. If you’re a really good brand ambassador, you can work your way up to a full time marketing position.

Having several brand ambassador positions is a great credential if you’re thinking about going into marketing. And if you’re a good marketer, several brand ambassador positions can make you a net total of about $1,000 per month.

Another way to make money as a brand ambassador is to cultivate active social media accounts. The guy in the video below dissects this method. 


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